The Importance of Monitoring an Online Reputation

In this digital era where everyone is dependent on the internet or Google for getting information about products and services before making any deal with the company, it is essential to manage an online reputation for an organization or even an individual. Today hardly there is one who does not Google you and your company before spending a penny for it. Around 90% of today’s consumers first Google about the products and services and then make their decisions.

Although it takes years to make a business a brand and requires so much effort, time, hard work, and money to build a reputed business. But it also takes a second to ruin this hard-earned reputation. Probably you feel relaxed that now your business name is recognized as a brand in the marketplace but until the day….when new customers vanish, phone calls stop and surprisingly you don’t understand why. Because you are still providing the same awesome services and your existing customers are still happy with you but your business is now struggling in the competitive marketplace.

Ultimately the day comes when you come to know that the online reputation of your business is presenting a twisted perception of your business reality that is killing your business. Sounds like a waste of time? But unfortunately, it is a fact for thousands out there, if not millions, businesses across the globe.

Today what others say about your business must reflect your company’s credibility, reliability, and quality instead of what you say. Regardless of your business industry, it has been proved in a study that around 70% of consumers worldwide trust online reviews and opinions that are published by strangers or users when it comes to making a purchase.

Therefore monitoring your online reputation must be your #1 marketing strategy or priority because all other online marketing strategies like SEO, PPC, SMO, or offline marketing efforts like TV, Radio, and newspaper will finally lead the customer online to get more information about your business and there your less activeness or non-existent reputation can drives them away.

The best thing to manage your online reputation is to Google your business name and check out what your consumers find when they search about your business online. If you find anything negative, the first step you should take is to look at the sources of these negative reviews or comments. About what your consumers are complaining about? Or what is wrong with your business? Remember before managing or repairing your online reputation, fix the actual problem. If you avoid it, it will only source and feed the negative comments online. Once you fix the problem, now it’s time to manage or improve your brand image.

Well, this can be done in any of the two ways as either you can handle it on yourself or you can hire an ORM firm. However managing an online reputation is not an easy job to perform because everyone has access to the internet today and we can’t stop anyone from posting anything about our business, so hiring a professional ORM firm that provides you best services at cost cost-effective price is a smart decision you can make for your business.

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