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Our Social Media Marketing services enable brands tap into the two-way conversation between the brand and their customers. Our social media teams better understand where a brand is being talked and the areas where involvement is needed to help increase its brand awareness.

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Are your social media efforts paying off?

This is a question you’ll be able to clearly answer after you engage with us for three months. We don’t believe in pushing content for the sake of creating noise. Instead, we, as a team, debate and then strategize on the campaigns that we run for you to pick the ones that are likely to have the highest conversion rates. We constantly run our own experiments to test out the ever-changing scenarios in social channels and pick and use the best result-oriented strategies that fulfill your marketing objectives.

Social Media Marketing Services India

Customers today rarely take the efforts to contact you via your website. Instead, it is easier to reach out on publicly visible social channels. How you choose to engage back and what you say then plays a huge role in creating and maintaining your reputation. Whether it’s a casual conversation or a n uneasy one, our team is hands-on in projecting the ‘human’ face of your brand and putting its best foot forward.

We are your extended social media team. We work as efficiently as your in-house employees. Being a team full of experts, we are diligent about meeting business objectives and are available always to answer your questions, bounce off ideas and Innovate new things to help your business. Working with us makes you on board with a consultant cum execution team which ensure that your wallet remains happy and so do you.


The experts at Online Reputation India create a holistic strategy for you and your business by answering questions like driving engagement and conversations among audiences, advocates and influencers, using paid advertisements to target the right audience, at the right price, at the right time and amplifying the content to reach newer audiences.


You probably know that word-of-mouth is one of the most valuable forms of marketing out there: It’s been shown to influence 20 to 50 percent of all purchasing decisions. After all, potential customers are much more likely to be receptive to recommendations from a person they respect and trust than to ads or other corporate messaging.


With best in class knowledge, our team of social media marketing experts knows how to craft campaigns that are catchy, click-worthy, and low on cost and high on conversion. Whether it is brand awareness or store visits, our campaigns are fully tailored to meet your marketing objectives.


Once you get to see a stable growth of audience in your social media channels, you’ll need to put in additional strategies in place to convert them into leads, customers and more business to the company At ORM India, our community management experts ensure your audience base continues to grow with you brand ,Through continuous monitoring, engagement and campaigns.


The best content on social is the one that gets your audience jumping on to click and engage. Sometimes it’s all about your brand while other times it gets impacted by various other factors, but still it never fails to connect. At Online Reputation India, We create website content, social posts, images, videos, info graphics, presentations, blogs and more which are fully in line with your audience preferences and organizational goals.


With so much noise and data around, we understand that the one thing that’ll be seeking your attention is the ROI of your social efforts. Whether it is reputation management, traffic, brand awareness, leads or conversions, our team creates custom reports that directly stalk from your marketing goals. It allows you to easily link back efforts to results for each channel and strategy.