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Boost your popularity, not the fake rumors!

Being a celebrity, your chances of being unfairly defamed or targeted by false rumors are very high as bigger your reach in terms of popularity, bigger are the chances of you being dragged in infamous and irrelevant controversies. You may call it unfortunate, but this still stays as a harsh reality as you never know when your so called social friends and peers become your biggest enemies in not time.

That’s where our celebrity management services come to your rescue with all the integrated tools to best serve your needs. We are there to support you as a backup to reply to fans and followers, pulling out those offensive comments and negative reactions and ultimately safeguarding your social image against all those fake and negative attacks going around.

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Stay Visible in your best possible light with Celebrity Online Reputation Management from ORM

From individuals looking to get their celebrity status shielded to politicians seeking to garner support from their fans and followers, we ensure a better visibility to our client’s online presence. So in a world full of instances where people simply target successful or famous people out of jealousy, or to catapult their own name to fame, online reputation India is the one stop solution to all your possible issues.

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At ORI, our celebrity online reputation management services include:

  • Creating and maintaining a Positive Online Identity.
  • Removal or Suppression of Negative Results via our search management tool.
  • Boosting Positive Web Content.
  • Individual Privacy Protection from Online Snoopers.
  • Removal of prejudiced Bad Reviews.
  • Protection against Defamation and Vilification.
  • Removal of Rip off Reports and illicit Complaints.
  • Safeguarding our client’s image Against Smear Campaigns from Competitors.
  • Regular engagement with Fans by publishing general information or regular updates.
  • Using social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat to reputation management.

VIP Reputation Management and Protection

Defining Your VIP Profile

The web has become a platform where every VIP and celebrity can expect to be praised and trolled down at the same time. To many people, Angelina Jolie is a humanitarian, because of her charitable work as a U.N. Ambassador. To others, she is the one who is responsible for the split of brad pitt and Jennifer Aniston. While both the perceptions got their own justifications, such opinions, while posted online, may or may not benefit the reputation of the celebrity. That’s where our VIP reputation management tool comes into picture.

VIP reputation Management Tool

Our VIP reputation management tool is able to monitor hundreds of social media sites for unpleasant remarks and offensive content and then create a comprehensive report which can be used further to draw an appropriate action plan to combat the same.

Appropriate response to Online Reputation Attacks

Preparing an appropriate response to an offensive social media development is a task which should be carried out carefully as this is where most of the celebrities falter. Gone are the days when Posting a furious reply or threatening was the best choice. An efficient social media strategy is all about using the right humor to indirectly send the required message to the recipient.

Don’t put your brand/Status at risk

There is a famous saying that “even bad PR is good PR”, so it can be clearly quoted that social media can turn “any type of PR” into “instant PR.”

Celebrities and VIPs can’t really need to focus on what’s going about them online, because if its about a “Celebrity”, it would get Viral. That’s where an appropriate reputation management plan is required to combat this trending curse.

Why Us only?

While having the best of knowledge matters, right implementation of all these techniques is what makes the real difference. We at Online Reputation India know the in’s and out’s of these techniques to make a better use of them against all the negative content online or in the media about the celebrities and the politicians

Here is how expertise and experience of ORM gives you the best experience about online reputation management:

Effective Monitoring

New negative posts and blogs can come up every now and then. Therefore, real time monitoring of your image online is the need of the hour. As a team of experienced individuals, we got all the right knowledge about how to tackle these modern day challenges by using appropriate measures.

Regular Reports

Regular reporting is also one of the most crucial aspects of an efficient online reputation management program. With Timely reports, we can clearly analyze the actions of the applied strategies against the negative posts and offensive content online while monitoring its flaws and strengths.

Guaranteed Results

We believe in providing 100% guaranteed results to our valuable clients. Our promise comes with an assured best in class service Unlike other reputation management companies and we also provide proven results for online reputation management for corporate and individual personalities.

Looking for the Best ORM Solutions?

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Online Reputation India serves to build the reputation management of all business leaders, with their organization’s original name to build the trust upon the public figure. We manage the personal reputation while removing the all negative comments & reviews about you & your organization. We help to repair the entire wrecked image as we understand the value of name in the online market.

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