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If you won’t protect your Brand name now, there’s every chance it will get Vanish eventually!
There is nothing more depressing than to find out that somebody has just
“Searched about your business in Google and decides not to deal with you, basis of what they finds about you online”

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Why only we?

We at ORM India understand the fact that every business lives and dies through its brand and reputation. A Brand defines a company’s existence in the Marketplace and also the first thing which a customer looks forward to before choosing your Products or services.

An organization’s reputation, in core, is a depiction of its value to consumers; it conveys whether the company is trustworthy, if it does good business, if it is fair with its clients, and if, certainly, it deserves to carry on with its business. Even a single Dent to a company’s brand, reputation, or both can prove costly, and the damage afterwards may never be compensated or resurrected.

Brand Reputation management is the practice of monitoring the reputation of an individual or brand, tackling the contents that are damaging to it, and using customer feedback to get information or early warning signals about reputation problems.

How we do it?

  • End to End Development and monitoring of your Online brand image
  • Scrutinizing your social media accounts
  • Providing an honest and positive online presence for your brand according to your future goals
  • Holding back all the negative content that may lead to a conflict
  • Removing or Suppressing all the incorrect information about your brand online
  • Suppressing negative reviews and offensive pictures against your brand and business
  • Safeguarding your brand and business against any illicit activity before it gets viral

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Why you need to Protect Your Brand?

On any given day if someone writes something negative about you online, it can put you or your business at a serious risk over the long time period, especially when you don’t have any clue about it. You might never get to know why a certain business deal didn’t get through, or why you didn’t received a phone call back even when your interview was phenomenal.

That’s where it’s really important to keep a tab on what people are saying or posting about you or your business online and then taking relevant steps to tackle that negative stuff.

We offer a complete package of solutions to Protect, Restore and manage your online reputation. Our Customized services include wide range of tools such as social monitoring, online PR, negative content filtering and removal, and customer engagement.

Audit & Plan

We do a complete audit of your firm's operations before developing an ORM action plan based on your business requirements.

Optimize Business Assets

We may then optimise new and existing Business properties to appear at the top of search results pages


We create a variety of alert-based solutions that continuously monitor any online debate about your brand and business.

Measure & Analyse

We then Create analytics profiles and embed in website to track traffic and search results, In relation to your brand or business.

Looking for the Best ORM Solutions?

Online Reputation India

Online Reputation India serves to build the reputation management of all business leaders, with their organization’s original name to build the trust upon the public figure. We manage the personal reputation while removing the all negative comments & reviews about you & your organization. We help to repair the entire wrecked image as we understand the value of name in the online market.

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