How to push down negative search results in Google

In a perfect world, we’d be able to remove all the unfair, obsolete, and negative stuff online about ourselves. But if we talk about reality, this is not that easy to get rid of. So the approach should be; remove what you can, but keep creating a more positive content to suppress the negatives is what we do to preserve your image and improve your search results. So, how do you push negative search results down?

Step 1: Creating and managing your public profiles
There are certain websites which constantly appear high in the search results. We at Online Reputation India simply create a profile on them with your name and some information about you, and then suppress the negative results.

Step 2: Commenting publicly in news articles, forums, and social media on your behalf
We further register on news websites and comment on articles; although these types of posts don’t tend to rank as highly as those on the sites listed above like twitter, face book and LinkedIn. While we know that anything you say online may show up when someone search about you on Google, we at Online Reputation India use your postings to your advantage: we ensures posting intelligent, grammatically-correct, spell-checked, well-reasoned content.

Step 3: Remove negative keywords
If by including a particular keyword brings up negative or unwanted results, we try to reclaim that term and ensure its removal from the search results.