When prospective clients start their search for a lawyer, they look up for two things: a great lawyer and nearby location. When they start searching for an attorney on the web, their choice depends on what they learn about you online. Even though you are not that active in the online arena, you can be certain that your competitors are. So, if there is negative information about your online law firm reputation (even if it’s unreal), it can hurt your image big time and give the wrong impression to your prospective clients.

Are you aware of what, if any, online reputation your firm has? Don’t like what you see? Look to our online lawyer reputation management services in India for help!

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What Are People Saying Online about You?

Stay updated on what your potential and existing clients are talking about you online Before a client look up for your services, they most likely would have looked up for you on a search engine such as Google or Yahoo Local before. As per a recent survey by an American agency, 58 percent of people say that they perform research on the web for products and services before going further. More importantly, 24 percent report they have posted online comments or reviews about products or services they have utilized.

These numbers reaffirm what attorney marketing specialists have quoted for a while — online reputation management is vital for maintaining the health of your online law firm reputation with the best law firm reputation management agency in India. If you don’t know where to start, ask yourself these questions:

When was the last time you reviewed your website was’s content?

You got to analyze whether your website’s content is as per the need of your potential clients and clearly showcase your strong points on board.

Who (if anyone), manages your reputation on the Internet?

The content needs to be regularly monitored and checked by someone so there should be a dedicated person or a team to always look into it.

How long has it been since you searched for your name and law firm on the Internet?

Before you make other people search for you, you should first check yourself whether your online presence is worth looking up for by your potential clients.

What (if anything), are clients saying about you and your law firm in online review sites and forums?

Your Clients’ voice is what other people will notice before looking up for you for their needs. That needs to be monitored on a regular basis to keep your online reputation intact.

Lawyer Reputation Management: Proactive Versus Reactive

You can take proactive online lawyer reputation management company in India, like having a checkup at the doctor. If you catch the problem before its initiates, it can make cure and recovery a shorter, easier process.

Proactive approach simply refers getting satisfied clients to give you positive reviews online from online reputation management for lawyers in India. Many people are willing to post online reviews of products or services they are dissatisfied with. An online review program provides your satisfied patients an opportunity to post their positive response with your services.

Also, if you’ve just decided to do a search for your name or your law firm online, you may find negative reviews which are often misconstrued. This is where reactive law firm online reputation management company India will play a key role. It’s never too late to reverse the negative effects that you may have on your law practice.

online lawyer reputation management services in india

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