Few of the Vital Tasks to help in your SEO Efforts Big Time

Usually, when we talk about the work process of an SEO professional, we are not often familiar with the tricks and turns they use to enable a site to do well in Google search rankings. Moreover, the checklist they follow to go ahead with their tools and techniques often depends on the overall SEO strategy for the concerned Website. But the question that matters is whether they update their strategies as per the Ongoing Google updates. The fact is that those tools and techniques need to be changed from time to time to go alongside current Google trends and the emerging demands and needs of users and search engines. Let’s go through some of the tasks and tools that can help you in getting through the same.

Analysis of the Indexation

Over the past few months, Google has changed the way it used to Crawl and index websites. It has become really strict on all the criteria it follows to allow any website to get indexed. Further, even if it crawls the same, it not necessarily would put that page in the search engine results. The Pages that are low in content quality and user experience won’t be able to make it through. The List further includes pages that include thin content, template content, dynamically generated content, pages with broken elements such as schema canonical, etc. The Big question still stays the same; How do SEO strategists combat the situation? The Answer is: Check and analyze the indexation of your website.

You can check the indexation of your website URLs via a copy-and-paste method on this link, and it’s also free of charge.

Cannibalization Analysis

Cannibalization is a situation when you have several pages on your site that are contending for the same topic, and therefore won’t be helping your website to come up in the Google search rankings on the same topic as Google’s consideration would then be split amongst each one of them. The Problem arises further and you get to know the following issues:

  • you have several pages that discuss the same topic
  • You are having a tough time getting good rankings for these pages
  • you have a lot of faceted pages that are indexable
  • you have several search result pages that are indexable

While this is not an easy job to get through, it all relies on the quality and accuracy of your data. You have to analyze whether all these ranking URLs that share sharing same keywords aren’t confronting each other and making your website go down in Google rankings.

More exposure to Latest Updates and technologies

While we know that there are several new technical tools and advanced techniques in the current market, your website also needs to keep up with them to do well in the search engine rankings.


AMP (accelerated mobile pages) can be termed one of the most widely used and adopted technologies in the current scenario. In a crux, this enables a website to load more swiftly even on a mobile device which would enhance the overall experience of the user as a result.

While Google’s mobile-first indexing initiative has already been rolled over, this has now become vital for the overall performance of every website that wants to do well in Google rankings. You might think twice about whether AMP can make a difference to your website or whether you have all the necessary resources to build it. But the point is you just have to try out experimenting with new things and resources to keep your website going head-to-head with the Google updates.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Progressive web apps are one of the most recent technologies that Big companies like Apple, Starbucks, Microsoft, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. are bringing into use to enhance their customers’ experience while going through their website. Though they aren’t intended for search purposes, but enable a website to offer an app-like user experience without forcing the user to download anything. In short, It comprises a link on the website’s homepage which when clicked, would take you to the PWA, which would load swiftly and instantly irrespective of your network condition as the resources in use are pre-cached, which would then allow the user to have a great glimpse of the website’s features.

Keeping the Rest of the Business also informed about the Search user Behavior

Most organizations nowadays limit the usage of their Online marketing analysis to the concerned teams and the same won’t ever be shared or circulated with the rest of the domains like Accounting, IT, Research and development, sales, and so on. This way, only a certain part of the organization would stay updated about the user behavior, choices, and many things available in the search list, and this way all the core function groups would work towards the betterment of the firm’s plans and objectives. Your Digital marketing team would get more inputs and ideas to work over from different departments and this would surely help in taking the strategies work in a better direction.

Even further, most SEO Service teams and their data traditionally live within online marketing, within overall marketing, and are typically considered a “nice to have” dependency.

Bottom Line

While the above-mentioned tools and tactics would only help your website and organization if it is flexible to the advanced changes going on in the current market, the decision-making still relies upon you whether you believe the fact that it would make any bigger difference to your Organisational goals and business strategies.

You might feel the fear of going into something new, which is valid to some extent, but as it’s been said “You got to do which you have never done, to achieve something you have never achieved in your life yet”. So the Conclusive statement still stays intact,” You got to try to take your business to new heights”.

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