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Personal Online Reputation Management

We do the best for your online presence while restoring, promoting and protecting your reputation year round.
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How it helps?

Personal online reputation management allows individuals to take back control of their online image and portray themselves in a more accurate and positive manner.

  • Discreet and Confidential
  • Conducted by a Reputation Management Expert
  • Tailored to Your Specific Case
  • Customized as per Your Needs

How to Manage Your Personal Brand with ORM India

Our reputation management industry experts works along with you to investigate, suppress and/or remove inaccurate negative information online and manage your reputation by using one of the best cutting-edge strategies. Sit back and relax and let us take care of your Reputation.

Consult your reputation management with our professionals

The Process of Controlling and managing your online image begins with a reputation management session with a dedicated ORM India member. Your Account manager will scrutinize your current online image, identify threats and unwanted information within your search results, and then plan a customized strategy to restore, promote and protect your personal brand.

Removal of unwanted links

Our dedicated team will then work towards removing unwanted links from your personal search term results on popular search engines including Google, Bing, and Yahoo. While Most of the information posted to the web is permanent and cannot be taken down easily, we move to the next best solution of suppressing any unwanted information linked to your name.

Suppress negative search results

Our team will create a positive online image for your personal brand by creating your online presence. Through secure professional profiles and social media accounts designed by our trusted dedicated team and creative content writers, we will work to suppress any unwanted links in your search results, taking them off the first page.

Investigate inaccurate information

Our investigative team will work to expose any websites, articles, or blogs that are being linked to unwanted search results. From there, our legal advisers will come into picture to demand the removal of any outdated, false, or misleading information.

Promote your personal brand

Our dedicated Team and content writers will create and promote professional listings, personal websites, and social media sites with accurate, positive information that will give you instant credibility with peers and colleagues who are searching for you online.

Monitor your search results

Our team at ORM India will monitor the real-time results of your personal search term, round the clock to preserve and boost the visibility of your positive websites and content.

Maintain your online image

As per official records, Less than 10% of people will advance to page two when searching on Google. This is why it is critical to maintain a clean and positive first page. The ORM India team will maintain your first and second page search results, creating, promoting, and updating positive sites that we control and protect from unwanted images, blogs, articles, and/or links that may appear over the course of the next year.

Update your personal reputation

Your dedicated ORM India account manager will send you regular reports about your search results on weekly or monthly basis. At this time you can put forward any updates you would like to add to your personal and/or professional profiles and inform us of any upcoming articles or press releases we should watch out for.


The exciting part of what we offer is delivering creative strategies, tactics and approaches
That helps our clients grow their business. Take a look at some examples below:
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Personal Reputation Management

Personal Reputation

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Dentist Reputation Management

Dentist Reputation Management

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Lawyer Reputation Management

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Custom reputation management services for delicate situations

If you are going through critical online reputation issues, a standard engagement may not be enough. That’s why we also offer customized solutions with a higher level of personalized attention and the technological support of our elite R&D team.


Don’t let other’s perception become your definition

ORM India let you control your personal online reputation.
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Rise above Negativity

Create a sturdy, tough online reputation that can efficiently combat attacks, negatives, and misleading information.

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Boost the positive image

We boost the positive search results you like to see on the top of Page 1 in Google so that people get to see the Positive side of you.

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Down the Offenders

Push negative content or misleading search results down to pages where virtually nobody will ever see them.

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